Fremont Commons: If you build it they will come. Our development group often works with our management group to discover opportunities. Together, we recognized a housing shortage in Fremont perpetuated by an aged housing stock that resulted in negative market studies. In other words, a market study generally won’t recognize demand if there is no supply to match it. We based our decision on the strong area median income backed by a steady blue collar workforce together with the apparent housing shortage.

Our management team executed a unique marketing strategy that resulted in a much faster than expected lease up. Fremont is part of the Omaha media market but doesn’t serve as a bedroom community for Omaha because of its distance from major Omaha employers. We employed a manager six months before opening to employ grassroots marketing efforts in Fremont and surrounding smaller cities that feed into Fremont.

Overall Fremont has been a great success story and a great asset that our group plans to hold long-term.